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Having a good breast pump at home is like having a good coffee machine- you need to have one in order to survive the motherhood!

We decide to express breast milk for so many reasons- we are tired and want our partners to make an effort of feeding the baby in the night (for a change), we want a night out (so well-deserved) and someone else will have to bottle-feed the baby or our nipples are so sore we just want a break!

Even if any of those don’t apply to you, it’s still worth owning a breast pump. Pumping can bring relief to your swollen or engorged breasts (not many mums can actually run away from it). Expressing can also boost your milk supply if you feel like you’re not producing enough.

I went trough a lot of reviews and created a list of the 3 top rated double breast pumps in 2020. All the pumps mentioned can also be bought in a single mode. However, from my own experience, getting a double pump is much more convenient and will allow you to express much more milk in less time.

Few tips when choosing the right pump:

As with any other baby gear, you should choose a pump that will fit to your lifestyle. Consider these:

a) is the pump portable? Some of them work with batteries and some can only be charged via a cord and socket. If you’re always on the go and don’t see yourself restrained to one place while pumping, you should choose a pump that also runs on batteries.

b) are you planning to freeze the milk for the future use? In that case a pump that comes with storage containers would be the best option for you. Your device should also let you express the milk directly into the bottles (sterilise -friendly) and storage bags so you could pop them into a freezer right after pumping.

c) is the pump easy to hold and assemble? Choose one that’s not too bulky and won’t take much of your time when putting its pieces together. The same things applies to the cleaning; if you’ll be using it often, the last thing you want is to look for missing parts around the house.

d) is the control panel on the device functional? It’s important that you can control things like suction level and the pace at which the pump will ‘milk’ you.

e) what is your bra size? It’s very important the breast cups fit well over your breasts inside the pump tube (funnel) for your own comfort and the for the milk to be pumped in the most efficient way. Some pumps come with different size cups so it’ll be good for you to try them all (if you’re not sure what’s the best fit).

f) is the pump loud? If you’re staying at home alone with your baby for most of the day, you may want to consider getting the most silent pump- this way you’ll be able to express the milk in peace when your little one is sleeping. The same applies if you’ll be pumping at work.

g) don’t buy a second-hand pump. Even the most expensive breast pumps have a limited ‘motor life’, which means the suction gets weaker over time.

1. Elvie Double Breast Pump

In short: A new generation electric pump for busy mums who are looking for wireless and discreet option but are not planning to pump exclusively.


  • silent, light and unnoticeable when in use- you can put it in your nursing bra and no one will notice you’re in the middle of a pumping session
  • hands free: no cords needed so it gives you the freedom to do other things while pumping
  • easy to assemble and wash (the parts are dish-washer safe)
  • you can control the variables with an app- a comfortable option to increase/ decrease the suction level from your phone as well as monitor the milk volume that has already been expressed. The machine stops working by itself once the bottle is full
  • comes with 4 bottles and breastshields
  • has a 2-year warranty for the Hub and 3-months warranty for the washable parts


  • expensive
  • many mums claim the app and sensor needs improvement (it’s not very accurate)
  • some say the suction is not as strong and it takes longer to collect the milk than they expected
  • leakage is possible if you bend over or don’t adjust the pump correctly around your breasts
  • the bottle size is smaller comparing to other pumps
  • the device needs to be charged every other day if you’re using it often

Final verdict:

This game-changing pump may not save you money but will definitely save you time and hassle. Whether you’re a working mum or you need to do something around the house while expressing, you’ll be amazed by the freedom it gives you.

If you’re always on the move and you want a device that will serve you as addition to breastfeeding your baby, Elvie is the perfect choice. That is of course, if you don’t mind spending a large amount of money on a breast pump.

2. Medela Swing Maxi Flex

In short:
Medela remains one of the top, well-trusted breast pump brands on the market. Swing Maxi Flex is small, portable and very efficient.


  • it’s electric powered but works with batteries as well. Together with hands free bra, it gives you the freedom of movement- just clip the ‘Hub’ to your belt
  • includes a good range of suction levels and settings to suit your needs (you can expect a good amount of milk expressed within 15 minutes)
  • easy to put together and dismantle (although you may need instruction at first); washing is hassle free as well (the parts are dishwasher friendly)
  • considering it’s a double pump, it’s really comfortable and lightweight
  • comes with anti-colic ‘calma’ bottle that allows your baby to control the milk flow during feeding (it means less waste of your valuable milk)
  • the funnels of the pump fit nicely around your breasts which means you don’t have to worry about the leakage
  • good value for the money


  • no screen or digital display- you’ll have to keep an eye on the time you’ve been pumping
  • noisy when in use
  • if you’re using it often on the portable mode, the batteries die quite fast

Final verdict:

You can’t go wrong with Medela. I got it myself and I can honestly recommend it to all mums who express frequently and need a quality pump. Could be cheaper but it’s well worth its price if you want something for a long-run.

3. Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric

In short: This award-winning breast pump is efficient, comfortable and affordable- a great choice for mums who want to pump exclusively.


  • superb performance comparable to a hospital grade: it has 3 pumping levels and 8 suction modes (many mums say they need less than 15 minutes to empty their breasts)
  • you can pump directly into the storage bags- a perfect option if you plan to freeze the milk
  • breast cushions attached to the funnels make the pumping session more comfortable and ensure there’s no leakage
  • easy to set up and use, easy to clean
  • comes with spare parts so you don’t need to worry about constant washing
  • there’s a timer display to check how long you’ve been pumping
  • the pump can be connected via Bluetooth to the Lansinoh app (where you can track your pumping session and loads more)
  • it operates on the mains power or batteries
  • comes with a handy bag to keep all the parts in
  • a great value for money- it’s cheaper than other listed pumps



  • the device is loud (you can’t pump next to anyone who’s sleeping without disturbing them)
  • some reviews say some parts of the device break (such as valves) and the suction gets weaker after only few weeks of use
  • it’s not very light so can’t qualify as portable
  • you need both hands to operate it (unless you buy hands-free bra)


Final verdict:

Lansinoh is a very good choice for stay- home mums since it’s pretty loud and not the lightest. However, it will definitely live up to your expectations when it comes to its effectiveness. If you’re on the lower budget but still need a good breast pump- you’ll be happy with it.

Bottom line

As you can see, no device is perfect; every breast pump has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to know which feature matters the most for you and chose a pump that will fit your lifestyle.

Are you returning to work but still want to breastfeed?  Click here to find out how to balance breastfeeding and pumping.

That’s all from me for today. Hopefully I helped you to make the right choice.

Take care mamas:)




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