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Hello everyone and welcome to Pretty Mama. I am dedicating this website to all struggling, especially first-time mums.       

Being pregnant can seem a bit confusing, challenging and not pleasant at times. Many say it is a blessed or ‘sacred’ time in our lives but, let’s face it, it not always is, and surely not for the whole 40 weeks period! (Nausea, heartburn and backache anyone?). You may become a bag full of mixed emotions. But if you think pregnancy is difficult just wait for the baby to come…that little creature will turn your world upside down:)

My short pregnancy story

Becoming pregnant at 24, fairly early stage of my life, has made me anxious and worried about my future. I had a part-time job in retail and just graduated from University in London. My main goal was finding an internship and a good job. However, the universe had other plans: instead of me chasing a career he wanted me to chase a baby.

I was shocked once I saw the positive pregnancy test result. I didn’t know how I’m gonna manage because I was not ready to be a mother, not mentally and definitely not financially!  But I was lucky enough to had my partners’, friends’ and family’s support.

Once I accepted the fact that there is a little person coming into my life, I just embraced this pregnancy and tried to enjoy it as much as I can. I started to do a lot of research about development of the baby, how to stay healthy and try to avoid all the miserable aspects of being pregnant. I tried to save some money but having a small budget it was not the easiest thing to do, considering the need to update my wardrobe to a maternity-style and putting some money aside for those newborn essentials!

Becoming a mama

There are so many websites out there which will give you tips about pregnancy dos and donts (plus your mother won’t let you sleep if she’s as overprotective as mine). I’m not an expert or a midwife but I have a big family with babies, I read many books about growing a baby and listened to more experienced mothers who have more than 2 children. Oh, and I also gave birth to one, a gorgeous little girl named Amelia:)

My baby is just over a year old so I’ve still got fresh memories of a big bump in my mind. That’s why I gathered all the essential information and wanted to share them with you, including my experience and views on pregnancy and motherhood.

Most importantly, I want to let you guys know that you can do it, and you can do it with grace and a smile on your face! Carrying and then raising a baby is a journey full of tears, worries and self-doubt but there are so many moments of joy. And I guarantee you, once you see your little pumpkin’s face for the first time, you’ll know all that suffering was worth the pain:)

What’s in it for you?

I will give you tips on things like how to prepare easy healthy meals and not to overdue with eating (my craving was ice-cream, not mango), which exercises are safe to do, how to relax on a daily basis, which vitamins are best to take or where to shop for nice, cheaper clothes and other items . I will also give you some insight on what you really need to buy for the arrival of your baby and some general info about your baby’s development, during pregnancy as well as after the delivery.

After your little one arrives you can keep on following my website for tips on how to adjust to a new lifestyle, which baby gear and toys might be useful, how to handle a difficult child and so much more.

Everything available for you here, on a single website.

I am really hoping to help women look and feel great during and after their pregnancy journey and make the most of this special time. My goal was to make some of the posts on a funny side, to lift your spirits on those worse days and make the mummy-daily- routine a little bit less boring. We rock mamas!!:)

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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