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What is a travel system and do I need one?

A travel system is a pushchair that is compatible with a baby car seat and carrycot. Many of them come as a 3-in-1 bundle so the car seat and the carrycot are included in the price.

But many brands offer you a travel system only if you buy a carrycot and the car seat separately.

I think this type of pushchair is a great and handy thing to have, especially for first-time parents. But every family is different and one travel system may not be a perfect solution for all other families.

Depending on your budget, a place you live and how often you’re planning to travel, you should chose a travel system that will suit your needs.

To be able to do this comparison, I started to pay attention to what kind of pushchairs are being used on London streets the most and follow these brands on social media. I’ve tested 2 brands from my list. Finally, I looked into forums, mums chats and reviews on Amazon.

Here are my 3 top picks for the best baby travel systems for 2020.


1. Uppababy Vista

In short: the best versatile travel system, great for running daily errands but also a good companion for weekend trips.



– Easy to assemble

– Huge basket

– Great-size, breathable bassinet (also approved for overnight sleep)

– Stylish design and top quality fabrics

– The toddler seat can be parent and world- facing

– Large sun shade canopy with 2 extra expandable panels and a ‘peek-a-boo’ window (you can also slide the canopy up when your child gets bigger)

– 6 recline positions and highly-adjustable 5- point harness

– Adjustable handle bar height and leg rest

– Simple, one-hand fold (also stands on its own)

– Car seat and bassinet included in the price (no need for adapters). The car seat is very easy to install and often appears on the lists of the top 10 best car seats.

– Solid, superb quality wheels ensuring great maneuverability and smooth ride

– It ‘grows’ with your baby and can expand to a double stroller

– Comes with a rain cover and bug net




– Pricey

– It’s not light and a bit bulky when folded

– It can take quite a lot of space in the car boot

– Some reviews say it’s not designed well for a double stroller (at least in certain position).


Best choice for: parents living in a city who need an every-day full-size pushchair but also one that will be good for ‘off-road’ trips.


Product details:

Suitable from: newborn to 22 kg

Orientation: parent and world-facing

Number of wheels: four

Folded dimensions: with seat attached: 44 L x 65.3 W x 83.8 H cm (without seat attached: 42.6 L x 65.3 W x 83.3 H cm)

Weight: 12kg (frame and seat)


*You don’t want to spend money on a new travel system? Check out eBay for second hand Uppababy Vista.


2. Bugaboo Fox

In short: the best high-end travel system, very practical; expensive but well worth the investment.



– Bugaboo has a strong reputation on the market; you get few years warranty on it since their products are build to last (I own a different stroller from this brand and I can assure you it’s a top quality pushchair)

– High seat position

– Unique&stylish; look, ‘slim’ frame

– Luxurious and highly functional

– All-wheel suspension (which means a smooth ride)

– Thanks to the big wheels the pushchair has no problem with getting through gravel, grass and uneven surface (it has all-wheel suspension)

– Ultra-compact fold (it’s self-standing when folded)

– Easy to assemble at home

– It has a great, long carrycot (which gives your baby a space to grow)

– Safe& easy to use 5-point harness and brake

– If you have a bigger child you can attach a wheeled ‘rider’ board to the Bugaboo Fox- it’s great fun for your little one and less headache for you!

– Very easy to push and maneuver even with one hand

– Height adjustable handlebar is a great option for taller people

– The bassinet sun shade canopy has an extra panel (so your baby will be fully protected from the sun/ rain/ wind when necessary)

– The storage basket is of generous size and has built-in pockets



– Complicated fold- it takes some time to get used to it

– Expensive (the most expensive from my list)

– You have to buy a separate car seat

– Most accessorise are not included in price (such as rain cover)


Best choice for: active parents who live in the city and need a versatile pushchair; for people who can afford investing in a travel system that will last them for years.


Product details:

Suitable from: birth to 17kg

Orientation: parent- and world-facing

Number of wheels: four

Car seat compatible: yes

Folded dimensions: H 19 x W 54 x L 66 cm

Weight: 9.9kg


*Don’t fancy to spend so much money? Check a second hand Bugaboo Fox here.


3. BabyZen Yoyo 0+

In short: the best lightweight and compact travel system, great for travelling.



-Very light and compact

-Super easy to push

-The size of the Babyzen Yoyo makes it the perfect stroller for urban living (although small it’s sturdy)

-One-hand fold, you can hang it over your shoulder once folded

-Stylish design

-Perfect for traveling- it fits the overhead locker on the board of the plane

-It’s a good value for money considering its quality



-Small size basket

-Sun canopy doesn’t have any extra panels (so you may have to buy an umbrella for more sunny days)

-The handlebar height is not adjustable

– No bumper bar

-You normally need to buy a carrycot separately (as well as the car seat with adapters), however you can order the full package from other European countries here.

-Not suitable for rough terrains

– Some mums claim the seat of the stroller is not comfortable for the baby (it’s quite narrow and not ‘upright’ enough)


Best choice for: parents living in a city, who don’t have much space at home and who often use public transport. It’s perfect for traveling (I had a chance to use BabyZen Yoyo myself when traveling by plane and it really exceeded my expectations).


Product details:

Suitable from: birth to 15kg

Orientation: parent facing (with carrycot/car seat), world-facing (from 6 months +)

Number of wheels: four

car seat compatible: yes

folded dimensions: H:52cm W:44cm L:18cm

Weight: 6.6 kg


*You’d rather find a cheaper option? Take a look at this Babyzen Yoyo bundle on eBay.


Now think hard !

What the type of travel system your family will need the most? You already know?

So take out your credit card:)

All the best mamas!




  1. Afonso Zhu

    Having a baby just makes you having to carry 10 times more stuff than you did before you had one. It’s so hard to just have enough space in your car for everything you need, especially if you’re going away for the weekend. Thank you for sharing this article, I was in need of one of these and the BabyZen Yoyo 0+ is really compact compared to the one I had from my older kid.

    1. Agnes

      I’m happy I could helped:)

      Babyzen Yoyo is definitely the best choice for parents who travel a lot. I was testing it once and it really exceeded my expectations!

      All the best for you and your family:)

  2. Perryline

    Baby travel system is so good, it has made things easier for me and my spouse. My baby make use of it all time and he’s so happy. It so easy to handle and so important for kids. Baby travel system is also important for parents travelling all the time. So it’s best you choose a baby travel system that suits your needs, just like you mentioned. 

    1. Agnes

      Of course, you have to think what kind of lifestyle you have and where do you live- these should be the main factors when choosing the right baby travel system.

      Thanks for the comment:) 

  3. Diana

    Hello Agnes,

    Thank you for this beautiful well written article. Great job.

    While I was reading it. I couldn’t help but think about the diversity that exists today.

    I was thinking, 19 years ago (my son’s age), the things were very simple.

    And yet, we raised healthy children without so much fancy stuff.

    But evolution tells its word.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Agnes

      It’s so true! Nowadays you can really go mad with all the choice we have. I believe the simpler the toys are the better- there’s no need for flashing lights and loud sounds. It’s just confusing your child and is quite frankly annoying for us as parents…

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

      Take care:)

  4. Benny

    hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. it is necessary to get the best for my baby and the bugaboo fox  seems to be a really great product. thank you for this post

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