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When you are out and about with your baby in the pushchair it might be pleasant if your little one is generally calm or while he/she is sleeping but not so pleasant when she awakes and refuses to stay in a sitting position for any minute longer. I know this pain very well as I have a hyper-active child who screams as if I was hurting her when she’s too long in her buggy (15 minutes shopping must seem like forever for her).

That is why I decided to try my luck with Ergo baby 360 baby carrier. I spent a good amount of time researching the market. Choosing the best carrier means not only comfort and functionality but also safety for your baby. There are many brands that claim their carriers are safe and ‘healthy’ for the little ones when in reality the baby dangles in it like a string puppet. So making sure the baby carrier you are planning to buy is ergonomic is the first step to the right choice.

What ‘ergonomic’ baby carrier actually means?

Baby carrier that is ergonomic will have a wide base supporting the weight of the baby in such a way that most of it lands on the bottom not the crotch and holds your little one’s hips and legs in so called frog or M shape position. What’s more, the baby’s spine stays in a C-shape position in an ergonomic carrier.

Why would I spend money on a baby carrier if I can get a sling instead?

Well, first of all a baby sling might be a great thing but only up to a certain age. Your baby will get heavier and heavier from day 1 so having a sling will be only a good solution for first couple of months.

Another thing is that before you start using the sling you need to learn how to wrap it around yourself, And don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible but if you are impatient just like me, you’ll find a sling really annoying at the beginning. It took me few days of watching the videos on YouTube and then trying to apply it in real life with my screaming (also impatient) baby. Obviously, eventually I learned how to do it and putting it on became much easier with time, but still I was only using the sling in the house. I didn’t even try to take it outside with me as it was cold and wrapping it around myself with a winter jacket on seemed really discouraging for me.

Baby carrier on the other hand is simple to use, with few straps and buttons to do. You can take it anywhere, and if you are in hurry it won’t give you a headache. It will last you for much longer and even if you do spend more money on it, it’s well worth the investment.

Why I chose Ergobaby 360 all positions baby carrier

So apart from the obvious ergonomic feature, Ergobaby is really functional. You can carry your baby in 4 different positions from the front to the back, parent or world facing and even on your hip.

It can be used from newborn provided that you’ll use the infant insert. Once your baby weighs about 5,5 kg you can use it without the insert until she reaches 15 kg (so that can be roughly up to 4 years old- pretty good investment for £100!). Another advantage is that it’s very comfortable; it gives a really good back support with a padded waistband that you can wrap around yourself. Once you get a hang of it, it’s easy to put on yourself (and the baby) with no help needed and will fit parents with different height or size.

One more benefit of this carrier is that it’s made of 100% cotton and can be washed in a washing machine. You have loads of different designs and colors to choose from so every mum can find something for herself. Personally, I think the design and quality is just perfect. I love how simple the adjustment is, with the flap and the buttons on the front. You can also tell the material this carrier is made of is superb quality by just touching it, so you can be sure it will last you for ages.

Get it now!

If you’re still having second thoughts, don’t! Have a look at short videos of this baby carrier on YT or on Ergobaby website where they give you full presentation of the product.

If you are unsure you’ll use it outside of the house, I suggest getting a sling first. Once you get used to carrying a baby on your chest, you’ll see there’s nothing more precious in this world than a little head resting close to your heart. From there a natural shift will be a baby carrier, such as Ergobaby 360.

Enjoy it mamas!:)


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