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In my previous post about breastfeeding, I gave you some tips on how to adjust to the process faster and with less pain.

Today I’d like to talk about things that you should get for your nursing journey to make your life a little less hard.

Let’s be honest, your mind is already full of checklists- newborn essentials, hospital bag essentials… and I’m afraid it doesn’t stop here!

I prepared another very important list of essentials for breastfeeding moms so you could stop wondering what you actually need for yourself. **You will find all links to the products embedded within the text and the pictures.

1. Nursing tops/ shirts & pyjamas

During the first couple of months of my baby girl’s life, button up shirts were literally all I was wearing at home. All day long. Until I discovered super functional nursing tops like this one here.

I suggest you get at least 4 of those as you will make them dirty pretty often. I found them especially useful during travelling or when going for longer walks. You just lift one part of the top and start breastfeeding. If mother nature didn’t give you a large bust (welcome to the club), you will fall in love with those tops- nobody will even notice you took your boob out!

Nursing pyjamas or a night gown is also a must-have to make those sleepless nights more bearable.

2. Bedside cot

Talking about sleepless night… bedside cot is a God sent. I could not imagine my nights without having a cot next to my bed. This way I didn’t have to stand up to breastfeed my daughter, just open the zipper of the cot and bring her close to me.

I went for Next2me crib and it was a great choice- thanks to the wheels it’s portable and doesn’t take too much space in the room.

To read more about this cot and other best-selling cots & cribs click here.

3. Nursing / maternity bra

Finidng a good maternity bra is not as tough. Finding a sexy-looking one might be already a challenge!

I found some nice, affordable and wireless nursing bras on Amazon. They have cups that you can unclip from the strap making it easier for your bubba to reach your nipple.

If you get bored with the non-padded bras and want something that will actually look like a push-up, head to the Kindred Bravely store. Their maternity bras are a bit more expensive but have definitely better quality and give your bust more support.

4. Nursing pillow

Considering you’ll be breastfeeding your baby very often during first months of her/his life (sometimes I felt that’s all I was doing for the whole day), your arms will get tired.

That’s why getting a nursing pillow is a good idea- it usually has a C-shape so you can put it around your waist and kind of rest your little one on it while you feeding him.

I got myself Clevmama 10in1 while I was still pregnant and I found it very helpful for my back pain. I used it later for nursing until my daughter reached around 4 months of age. It’s definitely worth the price because of it functionality- we’ve also used it as a pushchair pillow and for tummy time when she got bigger.

5. Nursing pads

Another essential for first few weeks of breastfeeding. Since it’s common to have engorged breasts until your milk supply stabilises itself, it’s useful to have nursing pads inside of your nursing bra.

They will soak up any milk that leaks out on its own. Lansinoh is a reputable brand selling all kinds of breastfeeding accessorise.

If you’re more an eco-friendly person, you may want to buy these reusable pads.

6. Nipple shields

This is something that saved my cracked, bleeding nipples at the most difficult time (just when I thought I’ll have to quit breastfeeding for good).

Nipple shields are not really recommended for the long-run because using them can affect your milk supply (your baby could start sucking in the wrong way). But for critical moments and when used for a short time, they are a great pain relief and a real life-saviour!

7. Nipple cream

Another must-have for the early days of breastfeeding. It will bring relief to your dry, sore nipples and make them heal faster.

During first weeks of breastfeeding my baby, this Lanolin Nipple Cream literally became my best friend; at some point I had to use it after each feeding. It may seem small, but a little goes along the way- meaning this cream is super efficient and will last you for a long time.

8. Breast pump

If you happen to get breast engorgement (very common at the beginning) or you need to leave your baby with someone else for a few hours, you should have a breast pump.

Manual breast pumps are cheaper but they pump milk much slower than electric ones. Also, double electric pump (such as Medela) together with a hands-free bra, let you do other things while you’re expressing.

To see the review of Medela pump and other top rated electric pumps click here.

9. Milk storage bags

If you’re going back to work and planning to freeze milk or have to pump frequently for any other reason, you’re gonna need milk storage bags.

They’re very handy as they can replace bottles and you can keep your breast milk in them for the same amount of time (up to 7 days in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer).

10. Muslin squares

You’re gonna use them on a daily basis so make sure you buy many. They are perfect for burping your baby and for any other dribbles and spillages.

You can also use muslin cloths as a breastfeeding cover, extra sunshade during walks or even as a comforter. I used to put one of them near me for the night so it would ‘absorb’ my smell. Later my baby girl loved sleeping with it next to her cheek.

11. Breast compress

Great solution for engorged breasts- since they can feel sore and swollen (which often leads to plugged ducts or matisis if you don’t act fast), this breast therapy pack will bring you a huge relief.

You can create your own breast compress using a wet muslin cloth (warm or cold), or you can get cabbage leaves (washed in a cold water) and put them around your boobs- from my experience this works wonders!

12. Nursing chair

If you have enough space in your baby’s room, having a nursing chair or a rocking chair is the most comfortable way to breastfeed your little one.

Many of them come with a nursing stool which gives you an extra comfort and is a great option if you’re not so tall or if you had an episiotomy during delivery.

The nursing/rocking chair can be also an alternative to a nursing pillow since the chair already provides support for your arms.

Not enough space for a nursing chair? Check out this great alternative– it’s an innovative portable rocker that will definitely make these mama- baby moments even more precious.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

If you have any questions or you’d like to add something to my list of breastfeeding essentials, please put it in the comments below.

Until next time!:)




  1. Wow! I have learned so much for reading this article. Although I do not yet have any children, I definitely want to know the best way to navigate the breastfeeding process if and when I do decide to have children. I like how you provided us with a plethora of products that make the breastfeeding process as seamless (and painless) as possible. Several of my family members are first-time moms, and they would love this! I have saved your article and will share it with my family and friends. God bless you!

  2. Regina

    That nursing top is such a great idea. Why oh why didn’t they have these available when I was a nursing mother. In your opinion what is the best breast pump on the market now? I prefer electric too and manual pumping takes forever.

  3. Thank you for putting this great list together. I have used lanolin a lot with my first daughter as I have many issues with feeding her what caused me cracked nipples and all the rest of the fun. I used the Mandela breast pump but then the manual one, I am sure the electric one is more time-efficient though.
    Your list is super helpful for mums to be and I hope many ladies will benefit from it as you mentioned, there are so many things to think about, it is nice to have some lists in place to help you organizing the essentials for babies’ arrival.
    Best wishes.

    1. I’m glad you found this post helpful, I know from experience how overwhelming the preparation for the baby’s arrival can be, plus you need to worry about yourself- postpartum period and the breastfeeding part.
      Hopefully this list will make some of the first-time mums’lives a bit easier:)

  4. 12 essentials for breastfeeding moms is a great guide for new mothers, I am amazed there are so many new products available for new moms than when my sons were just babies.

    Great products and information

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