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If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re not planning to have more babies right now (I’m with you sister) and you’ve had some bad experience with your previous contraception methods. If you’re tired of loading hormones into your body and you’re looking for an alternative option, you’ll find an answer here!

The most common hormonal contraceptive method is the birth control pill. And although it’s over 99% effective, it has many side effects. You may gain weight or get ridiculous mood swings; on top of that pills can reduce your libido, decrease your immune system (by depleting your body from crucial nutrients and anti-oxidants) and even increase the chance for blood clots (if you’re over 35 years old).

I’ve been on a pill for most of my sexual life (until my pregnancy) but when I knew I’ll be breastfeeding for longer, I wanted to look for alternative non-hormonal contraceptive methods. First I went for the copper IUD, which sounded like a great long-term option, but ended up with heavy and irregular bleeding.

When I decided to take it out, I started to look for other non-invasive ways to prevent pregnancy (that wasn’t a condom) and that’s when I found out about the Lady-Comp device.

What is Lady-Comp?

Lady-Comp is a small ‘computer’ that will tell you which days you’re fertile and which days you’re not. By simply taking the temperature each morning (using the sensor attached to the device), it will be able to tell you when you’re ovulating, when can you expect your period and when you should take a break from sex (or use a condom).

During your menstrual cycle, you’re fertile for about 6-7 days. We have a different temperature on fertile days in comparison to our infertile days. If using pills, you usually have to take them through the whole month, even when you’re infertile so where’s the logic here?

That’s why Lady-Comp its great natural and non-hormonal way to prevent pregnancy but also, due to its nature, it can be suitable for family planning.

Lady-Comp has been sold for over 25 years across the globe and is proven to be 99.3% accurate and effective.

How do I use it?

Right after you wake up (but without getting up), you’ll have to measure your temperature by placing the sensor of the device under your tongue. It takes about 1 minute for the result to appear on the screen.

Having your temperature taken, the Lady-Comp will know where you are in your menstruation cycle. Of course, it will take a while before the computer gets to ‘know’ you and takes all the information accurately. So don’t get discouraged if you see a yellow light often for the first few weeks. Just use the condom on those days to be safe.

After some time, you will begin to see a green light- which means it’s your infertile day or a red light- which means it’s your fertile day. In my case it took less than 2 months to get the device properly ‘stabilised’ and I don’t see the yellow light anymore.

Pros & cons of using Lady-Comp

Although this device is a great solution for me, it won’t be perfect for everyone else. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using it:


  • Hormone-free
  • Safe to use (no side-effects)
  • Reliability comparable to the birth control pill (Lady Comp effectiveness: 99.3%, Pearl Index: 7; pill effectiveness: 99.1-99.9%, Pearl Index:1-9)
  • You feel in control of your body
  • You can connect the device to your laptop (to have all the data and charts handy whenever you need)


  • You need to take the temperature every day at the same time. It sounds as an inconvenience but, to be fair, that’s also the case with the pill.
  • To get the most accurate results, you should sleep at least 5 hours straight. And this might be an issue if your little one is waking up a lot during the night, you tend to use the toilet at nights or work nights shift. In my case it was my baby girl waking me up often during first few months but still I found it works just fine (no other pregnancy yet!).
  • You need to use something else such as condom during the fertile days (or simply abstain from sex for few days).
  • It’s expensive, however taking its long-term use (and a potential dual way of use) into consideration, it’s definitely worth the price.

My personal experience of using Lady-Comp for 18 months

It took me some time to get used to it. I found it quite annoying at the beginning because the first thing I had to do once I woke up was to take my temperature. However, like with anything else, it just became a habit.

I used to set up an alarm (that is embedded within the device) to remind myself what has to be done. But then I realised my daughter wakes up every day at 7 am anyway so she became my alarm instead:) After a couple of months of using the device, I stopped even thinking of it- in the mornings my hand started kind of reaching for it itself!

You would think a simple (and free) app on your phone can do the same and give you the same results. As I used both at some point, I have to admit it actually showed me pretty much the same amount of infertile days. But since Lady-Comp measures your temperature, it will always be more cautious. That means it will give you more red (fertile) days than the app.

So, there’s a simple verdict: Lady-Comp is definitely much safer than any menstrual tracking app.

Final thoughts…

To sum up, I’m very satisfied with Lady-Comp and a natural way of keeping track of my cycle. I don’t have to worry about anything else apart from taking my temperature daily.

I feel very empowered in terms of having control over my body. I don’t need to worry about using artificial and potentially harming hormones to prevent pregnancy.

I’d recommend this device for any women who want to steer away from synthetic hormones.

Get the Lady-Comp HERE

Take care mamas,

Until next time!:)




  1. This is a very safe way of preventing pregnancy. A birth control method that you don’t have to ingest and won’t make you fat. when I was young there was no such technology it was the pill, the IUD or getting your tubes tied. I think lots of women will love this especially the no weight gain and no crazy period days. I think this is a great method.

  2. Deb

    Very interesting article. I have never heard of this device. My babies were all born in the ’80’s and the youngest in ’93. When I was requiring birth control there was only ‘the pill’, ‘IUD’, ‘condoms’ or ‘abstinence’. I used ‘the pill’ until we decided our family was complete after 5 children. I then went with surgical permanent birth control by having my tubes tied. I will certainly forward this article to my daughter and daughters-in-law as they are still in their child rearing years. Thanks. Do you know how long this device has been around?

    1. Thanks for the comment Deb!
      Lady-Comp has been around for over 25 years now, but for some reason it’s getting popular only now. Maybe it’s due to the fact that few years ago it was not as technologically advanced as it is now. Also, I believe the high price mark is discouraging for many women. But it’s totally worth it, it’s a long-term investment!
      All the best:)

  3. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! It’s amazing to see how far contraceptives have come over the past 60 years. Although I have not “crossed that line” yet (I’m waiting until marriage), several of my female friends and family members are either unexpectedly with child or have children and don’t want anymore (at least not right away. Haha). This is just what they need! It’s so important for us women to take care of our bodies-our bodies are our temples. Synthetic hormones can definitely do more harm than good, especially if not used properly (I’ve heard the horror stories. Haha). Great read! I will definitely share this with my friends and family. God bless you!

    1. Very well said-our bodies are our temples! You can really feel the difference between taking the pill and using the Lady Comp, the device is perfect for someone who experienced side effects from using hormonal contraception.
      Thanks for leaving the comment:)
      All the best!

  4. Great information. I did not know if anything natural like this even was out there! Hopefully it will be handy sometimes in the future. At the moment I need the opposite stuff. lol.

    Thank you

    1. Actually, you could use Lady Comp for natural family planning as well! It’s because it will show you not only the days your infertile (green light) but also the fertile days(red light). So you could try to conceive on the red days:)

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