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While you are growing a baby, lots of things are happening to your body- inside and outside. You not only have to deal with swollen legs, heartburn, frequent visits to the toilet and insomnia (there’s so much more to mention but why would I bore you). Now that your belly gets bigger and finally everyone can tell you’re pregnant, your skin is also stretching out to the maximum to make room for your little one.

Hence, another bonus for you- an itchy skin on your belly (and possibly your breasts). And those pregnancy hormones do not help at all- they just make your skin drier than usual.

When I was pregnant I had this exact problem but, thankfully, I found few products that really saved my butt (ekhm, I meant my skin).

On today’s post I’ll share remedies for itchy skin during pregnancy.

1. Organic Shea Butter moisturizer

Apart from shea butter, it includes olive oil, beeswax, argan oil& jojoba- all ingredients are great for treating dry skin conditions. They’re all natural and safe to use while pregnant so no need to worry about anything.

It’s a bit greasy but it will moisturize your skin really well, I promise you! It combats any infammation so it will calm your irritated skin quickly.

Shea butter helps in reducing cellulite, stretch marks and scarring. It can even be used for baby’s nappy rash so you might want to have an extra pot at home!

2. Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin)

This well-known essential oil should become one of your best friends for everyday use. It not only serves as a body moisturiser for you (and soon your baby) but is also a healthy choice for cooking.

You can also put it on your hair as a conditioner, use it as a make-up remover (really!) and when you’ll be breastfeeding it will help with your soaring nipples. Who wouldn’t love such a multi-purpose product?

Make sure you’re choosing the right coconut oil: it should be organic- the best quality for you and your baby, and extra virgin- because of its anti-bacterial function that it’s safer to use while applying on your skin.

3. Organic Cocoa Butter

Rich in anti-oxidants, cocoa butter will soothe your itchy skin and deeply moisturize desired areas of your body. All natural, without any chemicals you can be sure it’s safe for you and your baby.

It’s a perfect solution for dry skin, it’s anti-flammatory and it smells amazing:) It can also be a great lip balm!

Use the cocoa butter on a daily basis and your skin will get much smoother and less irritated.

It’s non greasy but has quite hard consistency, that’s why it might be a bit tricky to use. I suggest keeping it in a warm place; rub it first on the palm of your hands so the butter could melt and then apply it to your body.

4. Aveeno Soothing Oat Bath Treatment

Who doesn’t deserve a proper bath time more than a future mama? (And believe me, you should enjoy this free relaxation time while it lasts!).

I love Aveeno brand because of their natural ingredients; they’re perfect for anyone with sensitive and dry skin- they even have a separate line for babies.

Oatmeal contains polysaccharides which create a gel when mixed with water. It’s fragrance-free and it will ‘lock’ hydration in your skin, boosting its moisture levels. It also consists of antioxidants which means reduced inflammation and less redness from scratching.

Aveeno is definitely worth buying- it will soothe your pregnancy rush in no time. Take a look at their lotions as well- they’re top quality products for any problematic skin (if you have an eczema it’s one of the best brands to go for).

5. Tummy Butter Stretch Marks

This product is made of cocoa beans- that’s why it has a lovely chocolate smell. The small pot also contains collagen and elastin (which improves elasticity), plus argan, almond & lavender oil- all organic and safe for pregnancy.

It’s also enriched with vitamin E to stimulate cell growth and reduce the visibility of stretch marks so it’s a perfect product for your expanding belly skin. It leaves your skin super soft as well.

It’s not expensive at all- a big plus here. But it is pretty greasy and can stain your clothes so I’d recommend using it for the night. It also has a solid consistency so requires some patience when applying. However, no more scratching yourself!

6. E45 itch relief cream

This cream is an absolute essential if you are suffering from eczema or any other dry skin conditions. Tested by dermatologists, it’s very effective in keeping your skin hydrated for longer because of the paraffin and lanolin. In-depth moisture will in turn get rid of the uncomfortable itchiness you’re struggling with.

It has a non-greasy consistency and you should feel the relief right after applying it on the affected area. It’s great to treat sunburns as well.

E45 brand also offers other skin cosmetics such as shower cream and shampoo.

7. Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

Its ingredients include vitamins and essential oils that will improve the top layer of your skin. Thanks to the special formula with only 3% water, it helps to absorb moisture much faster.

It will leave your skin very soft and it does wonders with stretch marks (at least in my case!). It’s a good value for money- a little goes a long way and it’s easy to use.

Remember this gel has a different consistency than usual cream so apply only a small amount to the affected area and rub it in with circular motions.

8. Vaseline Advanced Repair Body Lotion

Infused with vaseline petroleum jelly, this lotion has been clinically tested for treating dry and itchy skin in just couple of days.

You can use it on your whole body, it absorbs quickly so its perfect to use after morning shower. It’s fragrance free so will work especially well on sensitive skin.

If you’re only looking for a remedy for your tummy and/or breast skin, I’d suggest getting a normal Vaseline jelly– it’s much more greasy so I only used it before the bedtime but I definitely stays on your skin longer than the normal lotion. Plus, you can use it as a quick treatment for cuts and wounds, so it’s handy to have one at home.

When should you see a doctor?

The itching you’re experiencing may sometimes be more intense; it can possibly spread to your arms and legs and together with a red rash. This could be a sign of more severe condition that only goes away after giving birth. Although it’s not so common, it does happen and there’s no cure for it.

If this unpleasant (and I imagine really annoying) thing gets you, don’t panic, it’s actually not dangerous and won’t affect your baby. You will need to visit a dermatologist who will prescribe you some stronger medication- possibly a topical steroid that’s safe for pregnant women.

Unfortunately, there are some cases when the itching means more serious condition. You can recognise it if you notice the itchiness on your hands and feet- it’s a symptom of so called cholestasis and it can actually be dangerous for your growing baby. It’s a liver disorder but to be diagnosed properly you’d need a blood test. So if you notice you scratch your hands and feet often, contact your doctor asap. This condition has to be treated with a proper medication and you’ll need to be monitored frequently.

To sum up…

I  tested all eight listed products, but my 3 top ‘winner’ remedies for itchy skin during pregnancy are Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel for the belly itself, Coconut Oil for the body and Aveeno Oat for bath.

I loved Bio-Oil light consistency- the gel really helped with soothing my itching belly and reducing stretch marks. You can’t go wrong with coconut oil- I still use it as a whole body moisturiser for me and my baby (it saves you money for sure). And since I occasionally have a problem with mild eczema, Aveeno has always been my life- saver.

However, if you’re a fan of body butters and prefer something heavier, then the shea or cocoa butter will not disappoint you! For extremely dry skin conditions choose the E45 brand.

I hope you’ll decide to try at least one of my recommended products and that they’ll bring you relief.

May your skin be flawless, soft and non-itchy!

Take care mamas!




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