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It’s hard to choose from all the range of different strollers available on the market. When my baby girl reached the sitting down milestone,  I spend weeks on researching the topic before deciding which buggy would be perfect for us.

When looking for a stroller, I had three most important features in mind:  1) its weight- it should be light enough to take it with me when travelling, 2) small size- so it wouldn’t bother us in my small apartment and 3) the parent-facing option- surprisingly, not easy to find within strollers for toddlers.

When I was walking in the park, I was acting like a creepy person checking out other mothers with babies and looking what brands of strollers they have. My conclusion was that Uppababy Vista/Cruz, Babyzen YoYo and Bugaboo Bee are the three main brands mothers prefer. But when it comes to the functionality, the look and the lightweight option, for me the winner was Bugaboo Bee 5.

The best look and quality

I know this might sound vain and shallow but who doesn’t want to have the prettiest and the cutest pram? Pushing a baby in a stroller is a bit like driving a car, am I right? (Ok, maybe there is a slight difference). So you want to own a nice car (meant a stroller) without sacrificing the quality of it. That is why Bugaboo Bee 5 is the right choice. Its curved chassis and bright colours definitely make this buggy stand out from the crowd. You have a 3-year guarantee from a manufacturer so you can be sure it will last you for long time (or even pass it to your next baby or a friend).

What’s an extra plus is that you can buy loads of useful accessories to it: cup holder, snack tray, matching footmuff and liner, organizer etc. Another cool thing about it is that you can change basically any part of this pram starting from the wheels, seat, frame to sun canopy so it will look like new whenever you need to.

*Small note, although the footmuff for Bugaboo is universal and it has good reviews,  after seeing it on the streets I’ve decided it looks oversized for the Bee model (plus the price seems a bit of a joke, isn’t it?). I bought this cute footmuff on Amazon- it’s perfect for colder spring days and autumn season.

The other, floral footmuff (that you can see on the picture below) I got from an independent company that does customised footmuffs;  this one is better for winter time as it’s warmer than the first one (please message me via Instagram if  you’d like to get more info about it).

For winter season check out these stroller hand muffs as well- they’re amazing and will toast your hands on the coldest days; no need for normal gloves when you’re going for a walk!

The best size

Bugaboo Bee 5 is really small comparing to other ones available on the market. It’s great if you have to keep it inside of the flat or somewhere with limited space. It folds really easily and although it is not one hand fold, it’s simple and quick when you get a hang of it. In my case, I don’t even have to fold the stroller as it’s small enough to stay in the hall of my flat without bumping into it.

I also love how fast it unfolds (making my life easier whenever I have to travel by a car ) and the fact that it’s compact enough to fit into a small car trunk. Because of the adorable size of the Bugaboo Bee, it is best for urban use. If you live in a city like London, pushing it around supermarkets, narrow streets or in the underground won’t be a hassle at all.

The best functionality

Simple to operate from the back of the seat, Bugaboo Bee has 3 reclining positions from lying to sitting down. With 2 steps you can reverse the seat from world-facing to parent-facing (my daughter is not ready to leave her precious mama out of sight just yet!). This feature had a big value for me when I was choosing this stroller as most other lightweight prams are not reversible.

Another advantages are the adjustable height of the handlebar (which will please even really tall people) and the extendable padded seat that grows with your child.

My favourite feature is the extendable sun canopy; it really protects your baby from the sun as it covers your child fully (no need for an umbrella).

The manufacturer says the pram is suitable from birth (if you buy an extra bassinet) until your little one reaches 17 kg, so approximately 3-3,5 years old. The shopping basket will carry max 5 kg and in my opinion is large enough for daily shopping (however I did have trouble fitting my bigger changing bag into it so I bought hooks and just hanged the bag around the handlebar).

The best weight

This pram is great for everyday use as well as travelling; although there are some lighter strollers available on the market, Bugaboo Bee 5 with the weight of 8.9 kg can be easily lifted by a skinny person (or a person without muscles=me). It’s not only a useful feature for travelling but also when using public transport or when the elevator breaks in your building! Lifting the stroller with the baby in it to go a few steps up should not be a problem for you (if I could do it, you can as well). Putting it into a car trunk is effortless as well.

Few things that are not ‘the best’

Bugaboo bee is of course not that perfect. It has small wheels, which even though have a good suspension and shock absorption, they do struggle on uneven ground or gravel. And although it grows with your child, it does have quite narrow seat so if you have a chubby baby this might not be the best option for you.

Another thing that might annoy some of you is that it’s missing bumper bar, so your child doesn’t have anything to hold on to (rest assured, the 5-point safety harness is enough to secure your little one from falling).

What’s more, the access to the basket is a bit tricky. If your child is sitting in a world-facing position, you’ll have to lift up his/her legs and the seat of the stroller (which might be a bit of a pain when your child is sleeping). If your little one is facing you then it’s not an issue- you just have to roll the pram and then put anything you need into the basket from behind.

Also, make sure you don’t mind bending and kneeling when out and about as the stroller seat is situated lower to the ground than most others; it didn’t bother me personally as I lean over all the time anyway (us, mums always do!). Besides, it gives the pram extra charm- just like the Lamborghini’s low suspension 🙂 And, unfortunately, it is not cheap but you have to look at it as an investment.

So is Bugaboo Bee 5 really the best lightweight stroller for toddlers?

I would say it’s definitely one of the bests available on the market. It’s charm and quality are something hard not to love. You can customize it and change the parts when you feel like it. It really ‘pushes like a dream’, with one or both hands.

Fitting it in your flat and car won’t be an issue and when taking it into crowded places you will appreciate its small size. It has decent basket and a really great sun canopy.

Is it the lightest- not really, however if you would go for a super light stroller that weighs around 6 kg (like Babyzen Yoyo) it would most likely do a better job when travelling by plane but could not live up to your expectations on some other level (when shopping for example) .

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect stroller, some of them are exceptionally good in one aspect and others in something else.

Remember to find a pram that suits your lifestyle. If, like me, you live in a busy city, often travel and appreciate quality items, then Bugaboo Bee 5 is the right choice for you.

If you want to take a closer look at Bugaboo Bee,  head to my video, in which I demonstrate how to use the stroller. 

If you prefer a full size stroller but still want to stick to the same brand, read my other post about the best travel systems where I describe Bugaboo Fox pushchair in detail.

That’s all from me for now.

Enjoy your every-day stroll mamas:)



  1. Hi Agnes,

    I wish I knew this info before I traveled to Indonesia with my baby, Amelia last year. Because lightweight stroller is pretty much a life saver for me as I was traveling with Amelia alone without my husband.
    I tried to pack light and only brought 1 luggage which was checked through so I wouldn’t have to worry about it so much. And I also had 1 backpack (big diaper bag) and an umbrella stroller. The umbrella stroller was pretty much lightweight but it did not have a basket and a decent sun canopy.

    1. Hey Ferra,
      my daughters name is also Amelia:)
      Yes, I know how important is to pack light when travelling with a baby, especially when we have to worry about stroller as well.
      You’re brave for going alone with your little one, I’ve never travelled with her by myself yet!
      take care and thanks for reading:)

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