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Scooters…they’re like a life-savior for our energetic toddlers. Riding on one is not only fun but can occupy your kiddo for hours (or, like in my case, only for minutes but hey- it’s still something!).

Having a scooter will also make your child practice her coordination and balance skills, and cut journey times without the need of bringing a stroller. So there’s no surprise that scooters remain one of the best-selling toys for toddlers.

Since decent scooters are not cheap and not all kids will be big fans of riding on one (at least not straight away), you could first look for second-hand option or borrow one from a friend. In my opinion, it’s a better thing to do rater than going for the cheapest version (they tend to be wobbly and heavy which is a big disadvantage, especially when you have to carry it home once your toddler gets bored with it).

In this post you’ll find out what are my 3 top picks for 2020 and I’ll tell you which one, in my view, is the best scooter for toddlers. All the reviewed models are three wheeled designs. They are considered to be the safest option for 2-5 year-old as they give better balance when turning (which means your little one won’t fall off so easily).

1. Mini Micro 3-in-1 Deluxe

Mini Micro is one of the most popular and award-winning scooter brands for kids and for a good reason. It gives the smoothest ride and will grow with your child- it can be used by kids up to 5 years of age.

The stage 1 includes a curved ride on platform (meaning more comfort for your toddler) and can be used by your little one until s/he is 2 years old. Stage 2 is for 2/3 year old and stage 3 for older kids up to 5-6 years of age.

The Swedish designers made sure their scooters are built to last so you could pass it on to friends or younger sibling. Deluxe model is light, durable and resistant to any scratches and scrapes. It’s also easy to assemble and with the non-marking wheels you can let your toddler ride indoors.

Micro scooters passed all the safety tests; their lean-to-steer mechanism (using body weight to turn) makes the scooter extra stable as it prevents your little one from turning too fast.

Product details:

  • item weight: 1.8kg
  • maximum user weight: 35kg (or for kids up to 110cm tall)
  • fully adjustable handlebar
  • silicone, anti-slippery footplate
  • removable O-bar and the ‘sitting’ platform
  • 2 years warranty


-Top quality scooter- all parts are replaceable

-Very safe and sturdy, easy to steer

-Light to carry if needed

-Very long usage lifespan comparing to other models

-Iconic design, available in different colours




-Not every toddler will be comfortable with the O- shape handle.

2. Globber EVO Comfort

Globber is well- known brand on a scooter market thanks to its multi-tasking ‘skills’. Evo Comfort can be a bike, a trike and a scooter so it makes this model super functional. A perfect choice for parents who don’t have much space (or money) to buy everything separately.

It really grows with your child- it’s recommended for kids from 15 months old to use a a push along trike, then a walking bike until around 3 years old and finally a scooter when they’re a bit older.

Made of top quality materials, this scooter is very durable and safe. There’s steering lock button for parents to prevent front wheels from turning; it’s a great option as this makes learning to ride easier for your little one.

If using the push along handle to steer the trike from the back, you may find it a bit unsteady because of the items weight, however it’s definitely a good feature to have for those early days of practice.

Evo Comfort is also the first foldable 3-wheel scooter on the market which makes it compact and easy to store.

Product details:

  • item weight: 2.5- 3.9 kg (depending on a used mode)
  • maximum user weight: 50kg (in a scooter mode; max 20 kg in a trike/walking bike mode)
  • extra low metal plate deck for increased stability
  • 4 different heights of handlebar (67.5cm – 82.5cm)
  • seat can be adjusted to 32.5cm, 33.5cm or 34.5cm high
  • comes with a 2- year warranty


-All-In-One design, will last for years

-Innovative design

-Removable footrest

-Includes a seat support bar which moves the seat up and backwards at the same time

-The ride-on seat seems comfy and is adjustable to 3 different heights

-Quick folding mechanism


-Heavier than other models

-The scooter itself is more suitable for over 3 year old toddlers (the lowest setting of the handlebar is still too high for 2 year old)


3. Atom 3 in 1 Explorer Scooter

Atom is the most affordable scooter from my list and that’s the one I bought for my daughter. It’s light, functional and sturdy.

It’s super simple to set up- everything works with a click. It has a detachable foot to floor ride which is suitable for children from 1 year old and helps to develop your toddlers’ confidence in keeping balance.

Once your little one grows up a bit, you can remove the seat and make it a regular scooter that moves from side to side with the tilt function. It has removable handlebar, which makes the storage compact.

Product details:

  • item weight: around 2 kg
  • maximum user weight: 20 kg
  • anit-slip footplate
  • adjustable handlebar from 44cm (in stage 1) to 54, 60, 66 and 72 cm (in stages 2&3)
  • rear-brake



-Easy assemble

-The scooter is light enough for your little one to lift himself when approaching curbs or uneven ground

-The cheapest option


-Because of the weight limit, your kiddo could use it for shorter time than the more expensive models.

-Available in one colour only

-Only one height position with a ride-on seat.

To sum up…

As with all baby/toddler gear or toys, there’s no such thing as the best scooter for everyone. You always have to take your lifestyle, budget and space into account.

If you’re looking for a best-selling scooter that will last your kids from little, you can’t go wrong with Mini Micro Deluxe. For multi-purpose and functionality, Globber Evo Comfort definitely wins. For those of you who are on a lower budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality, I suggest getting the Atom Explorer.

That’s all from for today, I hope you found this post helpful.

Until next time!:)



  1. Thank you for your post, I can see scooters have changed a great deal since my sons were children. This is a very helpful article for parents shopping for scooters for their kids, I’ll definitely pass it on to my friends who have young children! You should be proud that you are helping so many parents out there to make the right decision.


    1. Thanks a lot Jeff! I’m always trying my best to review the products honestly and in detail as I know there’s a wide choice out there and nobody wants to spend money without knowing the pros and cons.
      Take care:)

  2. What a cute post on scooters for toddlers. Mini micro will also be my first choice if I ever get to use it for my toddler or buy it as a gift. I like your honest review on each of these scooters and the way you shared the pros and cons. I highly appreciate it.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks for sharing you recommendations of scooter for toddlers, and it’s very helpful. Another concern is whether all these three products provide warranty or free replacement since I find the real products are sometimes not exactly the same as described online.


    1. Hi Matt,
      the Mini Micro has replaceable parts in case they get broken. Since there’s 2-year warranty with their products, I believe you’d get them for free within this time. Same with the Globber scooter. With the Atom I don’t think so as I bought it myself and didn’t get any warranty (it’s probably because of the price).
      Hope this answers your question. Take care!

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