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Insomnia during pregnancy is something very common and very annoying, especially in the 3rd trimester. Your growing belly (you never thought your skin can stretch to these measures did you?) unable you to find a comfy position, the baby is constantly moving and pressuring on your bladder, forcing you to get up at least twice during the night to pee. On top of that you are already aware that once the baby is here you will not sleep much anyway; so how is that fair that you need to fight with the insomnia right now as well?

The only solution I found for those sleepless nights was buying a good pregnancy pillow. It supports your back and front, making space for the belly and gives you the comfort you are looking for.

There is so much choice out there it might be hard to decide which pillow will do the job. Here are my 5 picks based on reviews of other pregnant friends! All available on Amazon.

Number 1: Chicco Boppy Total Body Pillow 3 in 1

This pregnancy pillow achieved 4-star rating by its users (with few comparing it to ‘sleeping on the cloud’) and has become the pregnancy favourite for many mums thanks to its multipurpose use. Not only will it enable you to have a proper night’s sleep and get some comfort during the day, but it can also help you breastfeed. It was designed with a physiotherapist to remove any pressure on the spine, so if you’re suffering from so common back-pain, this pillow might be a great solution for you. It consists of three different pieces that can be used together, or separately, with support for the whole body, the head and the shoulders, stomach up to ankles. It’s safe to wash in a washing machine.


  • It is designed for left side sleepers (recommended position for pregnant women) so it’s not the best choice if you prefer to sleep on the right side.
  • Once the parts of the pillow get unattached you are left with scratchy Velcro.
  • Finally, the price is not very attractive; it’s the most expensive from the list below.


  • It doesn’t take too much space as other pillows do.
  • It is a good quality and actually helps you get a good night sleep once the belly is on your way.

Number 2: Queen Rose U-shaped pregnancy/maternity pillow

Queen Rose is marked as a best-seller on Amazon, with hardly any bad reviews. This full-body support pillow is made in US and can be also used as a nursing pillow after pregnancy.

The U-shape offers support for your baby bump, back, neck, shoulder, and legs without the need to use other pillows or change sleeping positions. Many say it’s better than the C-shape as it naturally adjusts to your changing body, reduces the leg swelling and improves the blood circulation.


  • It is a big pillow so it may be inconvenient for you if you don’t have a king-size bed and difficult to store once you stop using it.
  • Couple of reviews say that the pillow doesn’t give as good support as they expected (it may loose its firmness after few months of use). Although the material is pleasant it’s not very breathable and apparently can make you sweat at night.


  • Multipurpose use: for pregnancy support or to reduce heartburn, back pain and swelling in pregnancy, for breastfeeding and nursing but also for a relaxation time at home, such as reading or watching TV. It is also great to use by anyone else as a body pillow support to relief pain either after an operation or if you suffer from a chronic body pain ( so you can maybe give it to your grandpa when you don’t need it anymore?).
  • Great quality: 100% pure velvet pillowcase (removable and washable), very pleasant to use.

Number 3: Summer Infant Body Support Pillow

This pillow is shaped like a 9 and designed to provide full-body support from your head, through your legs and around your back.

Post-pregnancy, it can be used as a pillow for baby’s tummy time (when he/she is ready to practice that neck and shoulder muscles), ‘converted’ into toddler’s reading chair (when your baby learns how to stay in a sitting position) or mum’s feeding pillow.


  • It is quite big so takes some space on the bed (making your partner unhappy).
  • May be too hard for people who are used to sleeping on very soft pillows.
  • Some reviews claim the pillow is not the best quality- too narrow and not firm enough.


  • Best used as a back and tummy support for growing bump while you’re pregnant, but also suitable as a breastfeeding pillow or a support for the baby.
  • The soft cotton cover is removable and washable.

Number 4: ClevaMama

Clevacushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow – Maternity and Baby Cushion

This pillow can be used in different combinations, from pregnancy stage to a moment your sweet pie arrives. Focusing on pregnancy, the pillow is made of memory foam so it adjusts naturally to your back plus has adjustable straps to fit your waist, giving you well- deserved comfort and enabling extra support and stability for future feeding. It’s a good choice if you want a product that will last for more than few months (for a baby it may last even until s/he’s 2 years old).


  • It is more of a back-support pillow when it comes to using it during pregnancy. You can put it between your legs when you’re sleeping as well but it’s not a whole body pillow.


  • The best choice when you want to keep using the pillow once your baby is here: good material, comfortable and sturdy; also many colours to chose from and has extra toys attached to it.
  • Great if you stay a lot in a sitting position during your pregnancy.
  • Multipurpose- mums swear it’s the best for feeding your little one; it is also a great pillow for a safe play time (perfect for tummy time for younger babies and a great ‘nest support’ for sitting babies) as well as useful to keep the baby comfy in the stroller or in a bouncer.

Number 5: Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

Last but not the least is this shaped- like- a- 9 pillow, that has won my heart but also many of other expecting mums. I chose to go for it based on ‘Amazon’s choice’ tag and many good reviews from pregnant women. I had a back pain in my third trimester so I found this pillow as a life-savoir.

The Dreamgenii is a whole body pillow that provides back, leg and bump support, and its shape is designed to offer the correct blood flow between you and the baby during sleep.

Once your little one arrives, it can also be used as a feeding support pillow. Different patterns available.


  • It doesn’t take up all the space in bed.
  • Well-made (100% cotton), it has personally offered me a better, less disturbing night sleep.
  • The back support helps you to stay on the recommended left side position for the whole night.
  • The pillow is easily rolled to the shape that makes breastfeeding your baby much easier.


  • It is designed to lie on your left side so if you turn a lot during sleep you might find it annoying. However, left side sleep is the desirable position for mother and baby.
  • There are few reviews claiming the pillow is not suitable for taller women and the fabric is too delicate and rips easily (for me it wasn’t an issue though).

The decision is yours…

It was hard to find a pillow (or any other product for that matter) out there with a 100% customer satisfaction. There’s always somebody who will find a flaw. But I assure you, buying any pregnancy pillow will give you some relief.

I hope my post has helped you to make the right choice.

Feel free to leave any comments or your own suggestions about pregnancy pillows:)

Sleep tight mamas!


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